My Parents’ Africa Museum

When we left Africa, my parents just decided to take it with us, or at least as much of it as the moving containers would hold. And so, even after moving back to the Netherlands, I have always found myself surrounded by African objects. These objects are now scattered throughout my parents’ house – and […]

Expat-kid in Zim

Like many, I have fond memories of my childhood. I was a privileged kid, born to educated and well-earning white parents. Most of my childhood was spent in a carefree way: I went to school and played with friends. But unlike most kids with a Western-European background, I grew up in Zimbabwe. At the first […]

About Back to Zim

This travel blog documents my journey back in time to the places where I was born and raised. When I was almost 11 years old my family and I left Zimbabwe, where my father worked as a doctor and where I spent 5 years of my childhood. We only went back once after that. Many important […]