Zimbabwean Diaspora

  “About a quarter of Zimbabweans now live in South Africa,” said our taxi driver. “But when things get better, they will go back, because they like their country a lot, a lot, a lot.”   During the first part of our trip in South Africa, we already met an unexpected number of Zimbabweans or […]

Cape Town’s Surroundings

After spending a few days in Cape Town, we hired a car to explore its surroundings. We drove down the cape, admired its many gorgeous beaches, fisherman’s towns and wildlife and visited some of the vineyards around Stellenbosch. The weather around the cape is known to change rapidly, but this only makes the scenery all […]

Cape Town: First Impressions

The first impressions on any new journey are the most exhilarating. As a symptom of this, my camera usually fills up much faster in the first few days than during the remainder of the trip. My senses are heightened by anticipation and the need to find my way in a new environment. In this case, I was also looking for […]

Top 5 Books About Zimbabwe

Because I left Zimbabwe at the age of 10, the main way for me to stay in touch with the country was through books. Throughout my teens and twenties, I read through a long list and thought I would share with you my personal favorites.   Harvest of Thorns – Shimmer Chinodya (1989) The book […]