Life at Lake Kariba

We spent about a week at Lake Kariba. Apart from the beautiful lake, we really enjoyed watching the abundant wildlife and getting to know the lifestyle of the locals. We would like to share some typical stories and scenes.     Photo of the crocodile sign and fisherwomen by Nienke van der Have. All other photos […]

Harare Highlights

Harare has a bit of a bad rep in other parts of the country, but we have found it very much undeserved. For a capital city, it has a surprisingly laid-back vibe, with its broad streets lined by beautifully colored trees and tropical plants. There is a vibrant cultural scene and there are amazing outdoor […]

Zambian Portrait Series

Everywhere we go, people – almost exclusively men – have asked us to take their picture. This usually leads to an interesting moment of contact that passes cultural and language barriers. Here are some of the people we saw or spoke with while we were traveling through Zambia.     All photos by Rik Boddeus.

Revisiting my Birthplace Kaoma

When I stepped out of the very full and warm bus in Kaoma, two girls in their late teens with brimming smiles stood in front of me, like a tiny welcoming committee. They called out to me: “Hello sister, how are you?” As I replied, I thought how odd it was that all of us […]

Hwange Safari and Victoria Falls

From Bulawayo, Rik and I travelled north towards Hwange national park and Victoria Falls. Most people visit the park on group tours, but we were the only two at the lodges that night and went on private safaris. It was a very special experience. Right afterwards we moved on to Victoria Falls, which is a hub of […]

Traveling Safely in Zimbabwe

Several people who follow this blog have asked my advice on safely travelling through Zimbabwe. After making our own preparations and spending some time in Zim, I decided to share our safety-experience and dedicate a blogpost to this topic. We all know Zimbabwe does not have a great international reputation. As a side-effect, tourists tend […]

Beautiful Bulawayo

It was very difficult this time to make a small selection of the pictures we took of the beautiful people, landscapes and things in and around Bulawayo. As I have already described my personal experience in the city, I will now let the images speak.     Photos of the women talking, me pointing and of Peter are […]