Young Artists in Zimbabwe: Musician Keen Marshall

Despite the hardship suffered in Zimbabwe, the country is fertile breeding ground for talent. In this short blog-series, I will introduce you to the stories of some of Zim’s young talents as a platform to share their art. Keen Marshall Nhemachena (25) shows up to our appointment dressed the part. His love of jazz and soul shines […]

Harare v. Surroundings

Harare is a spread out city, but the CBD is walkable and has a concentrate of high-rise buildings, museums and landmarks. Once you leave the city’s outer boundary, you will soon find an impressive nature park in every possible direction. Here are the urban v. outdoor side of Harare shown together.  

Eastern Highlands Fairytale

“When you wake up tomorrow, it’ll be like waking up in Jurassic Park, but better!” – another tipsy guest at our lodge informs us on our current surroundings. We had an incident with the brakes of our car that day and, although we have already had a sneak peak of the beauty of the Honde valley, […]