Traveling Solo in Zimbabwe

For the larger part of the past month, I have travelled around Zimbabwe by myself. People sometimes react with surprise: is that safe? The short answer is: yes, very safe. But much more than that, it is a hugely rewarding experience. Of course, it can be scary to head out by yourself to a country that […]

Young Artists in Zimbabwe – Painter Nonny Mathe

Despite the hardship suffered in Zimbabwe, the country is fertile breeding ground for young talented artists. In this short blog-series, I will introduce you to the stories of some of Zim’s top-talents as a platform to share their art.   Unlike her expressive and colorful artwork, Nonhlanhla (Nonny) herself is a humble presence. She answers […]

Young Artists in Zimbabwe: Musician Keen Marshall

Despite the hardship suffered in Zimbabwe, the country is fertile breeding ground for talent. In this short blog-series, I will introduce you to the stories of some of Zim’s young talents as a platform to share their art. Keen Marshall Nhemachena (25) shows up to our appointment dressed the part. His love of jazz and soul shines […]

Eastern Highlands Fairytale

“When you wake up tomorrow, it’ll be like waking up in Jurassic Park, but better!” – another tipsy guest at our lodge informs us on our current surroundings. We had an incident with the brakes of our car that day and, although we have already had a sneak peak of the beauty of the Honde valley, […]

Harare Highlights

Harare has a bit of a bad rep in other parts of the country, but we have found it very much undeserved. For a capital city, it has a surprisingly laid-back vibe, with its broad streets lined by beautifully colored trees and tropical plants. There is a vibrant cultural scene and there are amazing outdoor […]

Revisiting my Birthplace Kaoma

When I stepped out of the very full and warm bus in Kaoma, two girls in their late teens with brimming smiles stood in front of me, like a tiny welcoming committee. They called out to me: “Hello sister, how are you?” As I replied, I thought how odd it was that all of us […]

Traveling Safely in Zimbabwe

Several people who follow this blog have asked my advice on safely travelling through Zimbabwe. After making our own preparations and spending some time in Zim, I decided to share our safety-experience and dedicate a blogpost to this topic. We all know Zimbabwe does not have a great international reputation. As a side-effect, tourists tend […]

Bus to Bulawayo

  “Welcome back!” beams the border control agent, after explaining to him that I lived in Zimbabwe long ago. My heart leaps with joy. Before crossing the border at Breitbridge, we were warned about corruption and endless waiting lines. But these warnings appear unfounded, at least for us, as we sail smoothly into the country. […]

Zimbabwean Diaspora

  “About a quarter of Zimbabweans now live in South Africa,” said our taxi driver. “But when things get better, they will go back, because they like their country a lot, a lot, a lot.”   During the first part of our trip in South Africa, we already met an unexpected number of Zimbabweans or […]